School Council

The School Council at Ings Primary are elected by their peers and represent years one to six. They meet once a fortnight to discuss classroom issues and anything that arises from

staff meetings. This year they have been heavily involved with adapting the school menu so it fulfils the tastes of the school. 


The reps from years five and six are involved in the MAT's 'Junior Leadership Team' and meet at Kelvin to discuss local issues, MAT issues and city wide issues. 


Each School Council are in power for one academic year and become involved with local organisations, such as Hull Children's University. This gives them the opportunity to explore their city, use their voice and meet people from all walks of life. So far this year, the School Council have made their own 'Look North' programme at the BBC Studios, welcome the Lord Mayor to the school and visit the Houses of Parliament. 


The School Council are currently in the process of organising, running and judging this year's Potato competition. As well as this they are hoping to become involved with the British Council. 


Check out our website for photos, updates and progress. 


Mrs Longbone 

School Council Coordinator