The Orchard

Ings Primary Resource Base

The Orchard space:

  • two classrooms

  • sensory den

  • calm room

  • kitchen area

  • playground

  • garden area

The Orchard is a ten place Resource Base Provision for pupils with a diagnosis of Autism and other SEND. All pupils have an Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP) and places are allocated by the Hull SEND team via the local authority consultation process.


The Orchard is an integral part of Ings Primary School and promotes an inclusive environment where all pupils, families and staff are respected as valued members of the school community.  

Pupils have access to the full range of curriculum subjects with opportunities embedded throughout the day to develop specific outcomes identified in pupils’ EHCPs.  

Our approaches to teaching and learning are underpinned by specialist autism strategies tailored to meet the individual learning needs and reduce barriers to learning.  The learning environment is designed based on the principles of TEACCH so that pupils can make sense of their learning, are self-motivated, and develop independence.


All pupils have an individual timetable outlining how the curriculum and interventions are organised, in order to meet their specific needs so that they can achieve their full potential and prepare them for life.   Pupils’ academic and holistic development is carefully tracked and celebrated using the AET framework, AQA and the Statutory Pre-Key Stage Standards.


The Orchard runs a range of specialist and targeted programmes such as LEGO therapy, Social Skills Groups, Friendship Groups, ELSA, Community Inclusion, Cooking and Gardening. In addition to this, we offer accredited AQA Life Skills Awards.


The support we provide focuses on enabling the pupils to learn effectively with greater independence.  We increase the pupils’ experiences of positive engagement with others that promote a shared sense of inclusion and participation within their school and the wider community.


"He's having less meltdowns now he is at Ings and I am really impressed with how the school approach his needs and are on the ball with things - they're brilliant!"

We work closely with parents, communicating via home school diaries, telephone calls or daily face to face contact. 


We hold termly afternoons where parent and carers are invited to experience hands-on learning and activities with their child, as well as meeting with the Resource Base leader to discuss their child’s progress.


All children in the resource base have the opportunity to integrate with their mainstream peers in a way which is meaningful to each individual.  Many of our pupils successfully integrate in to mainstream classes across the curriculum throughout the week.  Support is carefully planned for each child, through the use of visuals, carefully differentiated tasks, and adult support to ensure successful outcomes for all.

The school have effective working relationships with a wide range of external agencies. High expectations are set and we work together in line with the EHCP recommendations. 

Together we ensure that the pupils accessing the provision are receiving a 

personalised, high quality of education; enabling each pupil to reach their full potential.