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3rd September 2020







Dear Parents and Carers,


RE: Returning to school for all children - September 8th 2020


We hope you have had a lovely summer and we are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school on Tuesday 8th September.  Our aim is to resume normality as much as possible however, there will be some adjustments to ensure the safety of all children, staff and parents.


We understand that you may have some reservations about sending your child back to school but we want to assure you that we have put into place the appropriate recommendations set out by the government to minimise risk.  We are here to support your children and your family. We therefore expect you to support us in following the guidance below and talk to your child/children about what they will have to do whilst at school. Although we do not intend for the information below to be in any way negative or obstructive, it is essential that the information is clear and is clearly understood to ensure the safety of everyone in these circumstances.


When considering the safe return to school, we have thought carefully about how we can ensure the children will receive a broad and balanced curriculum and the practical logistics within and around school.   We have updated our previous Risk Assessment to reflect the latest Government guidelines in preparation for opening to the whole school. We will be putting into place staggered timings for drop off/pick up, playtimes and lunchtimes.  Where possible bubbles will not mix and older children will be encouraged to keep their distance within their bubbles. We have taken steps to limit interaction, sharing of rooms and social spaces between groups as much as possible. The government recognises that younger children will not be able to maintain social distancing, and it is acceptable for them not to distance within their bubble.


Attendance expectations

In March when the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak was growing, it was made clear by the government that no parent would be penalised or sanctioned for their child’s non-attendance at school.  However, now the circumstances have changed and it is vital for all children to return to school to minimise as far as possible the longer-term impact of the pandemic on children’s education, wellbeing and wider development.


 Missing out on more time in the classroom risks pupils falling further behind. Those with higher overall absence tend to achieve less well in school. School attendance will therefore be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term. This means from that point, the usual rules on school attendance will apply, including:

  • parents’ duty to ensure their child attends regularly at school where the child is a registered pupil at school and they are of compulsory school age

  • schools’ responsibilities to record attendance and follow up absence

  • the availability to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices in line with local authorities’ codes of conduct


No child should come to school if they are in any way unwell. If a parent/carer feels unwell in any way they should not come onto the school site.  Please telephone school before 9.00am should your child be absent.


Breakfast and After School Club

Due to the restrictions of bubbles being unable to mix, we can only offer breakfast club and afterschool club places to children of key workers.  When restrictions ease further, this offer will be made to everyone. This provision will be on a half-termly booking system and, where a place has been booked, normal fees will apply.  We wouldn’t want any child to start the school day without breakfast.  If for any reason you are unable to provide breakfast for your child at home, please call the office and we will endeavour to provide one. 


Drop off and collection:

  • One parent/carer ONLY is asked to bring/collect your child and we encourage you to walk. Children are not to bring their bicycles or scooters to school.

  • Please be prompt, we are operating staggered start and pick up times. 

  • You are asked to drop off your child at the correct gate. Children will then come through the gates on their own and we ask parents/carers to leave the area promptly and not gather around the school gates with other parents.   The exception to this will be nursery and reception children and we ask parents to 2m distance either on the nursery playground and main playground for reception.

  • A member of the Senior Leadership Team will be at the gates to guide your child to their class teacher who will be waiting on the playground. 

  • When collecting your child, please enter the school site via your child’s designated gate and proceed to the designated door, using the socially distanced markings. We ask that parents/carers respect social distancing rules whilst waiting for their children. 

  • On leaving school, your child’s teacher will send your child to you and we ask you to follow the one way system that will be marked on the path.

Entrances and Exits:








































Lunch times

  • Lunchtimes have been divided into four 50 minute time slots. 

  • Children will wash hands and toilet before going to lunch, have lunch in the dining hall, play outside and spend the last 10 minutes washing hands and doing a mindfulness activity in the classroom.  This will ensure bubbles will not mix in each of the areas.

Nursery & Foundation 2

11:15 -12:15

Years 1 & 2

11:55 - 12:45

Years 3 & 4

12:25 - 13:15

Years 5 & 6

12:55 - 13:45

What your child should bring / not bring:

  • Children are not to bring anything to school other than a coat, book bag, healthy snack, full named water bottle and packed lunch each day. A bag with P.E clothes should be brought on the first day and left at school.  Packed lunches will be kept in the classrooms and an ice pack may be necessary if it is warm weather.

  • Children can bring a packed lunch or can order a school dinner (hot meals will be back on the menu). For Reception, Year 1 & 2 these are free.  For all other children, dinners will cost £1 per day (unless you are entitled to Free School Meals).

  • Children need to come to school wearing their school uniform. Uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more often than usual, nor do they need to be cleaned using methods which are different from normal.  Please ensure your child’s name is in all items of clothing. We will not be able to hold onto any lost or misplaced uniform.  Jewellery should not be worn.

  • Sandshoes must be worn by all children inside school and they will be left in school.  Once again names must be written inside. 



  • Should you need to communicate with the school during this time, please contact the school office via phone or email. Please be aware that staff in each ‘bubble’ can have messages passed to them but they will not be able to return calls until the end of the day.


The school day:

  • Children will be encouraged as far as possible to ‘socially distance’ from adults and other bubbles.

  • Children will sit in rows with the exception of nursery and reception.

  • Children will have a plastic pencil case that will contain a pen, pencil, ruler, colouring pencils, glue stick and scissors. They will not be allowed to share with others or be allowed to wander around the classroom.

  • We have planned to support children’s mental health and wellbeing each day although staff will be unable to offer close reassurance due to ‘social distancing’ guidelines.

  • Teaching staff will not be sending work home.  We hope to have an online home learning platform up and ready within two weeks of our return.  Homework will be added to this platform and the teacher will be able to mark and make comments.  Spellings will be sent home via text.

  • Children will be sent home a school reading book and your child’s teacher will let you know which day to return the book so another one can be given.  Returned books will be quarantined for one week when they have been returned so it is vitally important to return books on the specified day your teacher gives.  Children will be given a reading record for you to log their home reading.


Behaviour Expectations:

  • We have added an addendum to our Behaviour Policy in line with Government guidance. This can be found in the policy section of the school website.

  • We will not tolerate the behaviour of any child who puts the safety of another child, children or staff at risk. If this occurs the child will be sent home immediately.



  • Children will not wear PPE and will not be allowed to wear facemasks or gloves brought from home.


Child illness:

  • Should your child become ill, we will contact you immediately.  Please ensure that you are contactable at all times and that your contact numbers are up to date.

  • If your child is displaying Coronavirus symptoms at school, they will be placed in isolation whilst they wait for you to arrive. They will be supervised from a distance.

  • Symptomatic children and the members of their households can apply for testing. If the test is negative for all members of the household, then the child can return to school. Evidence will be required.

  •  A child or adult who has a confirmed case will self-isolate for seven days. The household is required to self-isolate for fourteen days. 

  • Where there are two confirmed cases within a bubble, the children and staff within that bubble will be sent home to isolate for fourteen days. The other household members of that bubble will not need to self-isolate unless someone within the home is displaying symptoms.


Precautions at school:

  • Children will wash their hands on arrival and at regular intervals throughout the day.

  • Children will be reminded not to touch their faces.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available for all children, they will be supervised whilst applying this.

  • Each classroom will have tissues, children will be able to access these if they cough or sneeze.

  • Children will access specific toilets at staggered playtimes and lunchtimes.

  • A cleaner has been deployed to keep toilets regularly cleaned throughout the day, wipe surfaces, doors and rails.


Precautions at home:

  • When your child returns home he/she should thoroughly wash their hands.

  • Packed lunch boxes and water bottles should be washed thoroughly.


Please can we ask that you talk to your children before these changes are implemented for the 8th September 2020 so that they are prepared.


We appreciate your support in these difficult times. The above safeguarding measures reflect Government guidance. Our ultimate aim is to keep you, your children and our staff as safe as possible, whilst at the same time resume some kind of normality.


All staff are looking forward to seeing the children on Tuesday.  If you have any concerns or need any clarification please call the school office on Monday and we will be happy to help. 


Kind Regards


Mrs S Chadburn

Head of School

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