Our Vision and Aims

An Active 3-D Education - active minds, active bodies, active souls


At Ings Primary School we believe that a child’s early education is formative and enduring. The lessons we teach give the knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes that inform future choices and life’s direction. They enable children to begin to discover who they are and what their place in a rapidly changing world might be. Our work is to provide children with a caring and safe environment in which to discover the adventure that is life.

We make it our mission to enable children to be successful and active participants in their own future, active participants in the futures of their friends, families and local community and active participants in the future of the world that they will inherit from us.

We make it our mission to enable children to be active participants by delivering a “3-D Education”.  We believe that such an education will lead to the highest possible academic standards and provide relevant opportunities to learn that will increase the life chances of all our pupils.

First Dimension:  Active and healthy minds.  We will promote the development of an intellectual ability, giving opportunities to be inquisitive, enquiring, enterprising, reasoning and ambitious.

Second Dimension:  Active and healthy bodies.  We will promote the development of physical ability, giving opportunities to take part in sport, competition, growing activities, cooking and making things.

Third Dimension:  Active and healthy souls.  We will promote the development of the soul’s aesthetic ability, giving opportunities for each child to engage in the arts, culture, democracy and to develop a deep understanding of being a citizen of the UK and the world.

We will deliver our mission by teaching the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum as our core curriculum, and we will augment it with the four strands of the Open Futures approach;

Ask It – philosophical enquiry

Grow It – growing healthy food and a healthy natural environment

Cook It – creating healthy and nutritious meals

Film It – communicating in a digital age

Underpinning and inspiring our vision and aims are a set of Cooperative and British values that you can read more about here.