School Uniform

The school supplies sweatshirts, fleeces & polo shirts embroidered with the school logo. These items can be purchased from the school office. These items do cost a little more but are much longer lasting and dry and iron more easily. We also have school reading bags available for purchase from the school office.

All items of clothing must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Any lost property is kept in the medical room. At Parent Consultation Events parents / carers are welcome to take any unclaimed items before we send them for recycling.

Jewellery and Make-up

Jewellery is not to be worn. Children with pierced ears should not wear earrings for school. If this is not possible children should wear 1 small pair of stud earrings. These must be removed for P.E. if this is not possible staff will use tape. We do not allow children to wear studs or sleepers on other parts of their body.


Children should not wear nail varnish or make-up when they are at school.