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Welcome to Ings Primary School 

At Ings Primary School we believe that a child’s early education is formative and enduring. The lessons we teach give the knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes that inform future choices and life’s direction. 


Train to Teach

Welcome to Ings Primary school

We hope that in our website you will find out about the amazing place that is Ings Primary School.


Now open from 8am to 6pm we offer a welcoming and safe environment in which children can receive high quality education and care.

The three elements of our logo tells you all you need to know about us. The hands speak of cooperation - families, schools, adults and children working together to make sure our pupils get the best possible start in life. The hands stretch upwards reaching for greater, better, higher things - always ambitious for more. The tree speaks of growth and development. Growth in knowledge and skills but also in character.

Your choice of a primary school for your child is a crucial one. You will want your child to achieve academically, and we will do our utmost to ensure that this happens. But you will also want to know what kind of person they will become as you entrust them to us.


Call the school office and make an appointment to talk about your child and what we can offer them. In the meantime have a look through our twitter feed to see latest news from Ings.

Mrs Kath Roe (Executive Headteacher)

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